Tactile sensitivities

My 17month old has recently shown some tactile sensitivities with tape/ contact paper. It’s almost as though she has a fear of them and freaks out if it touches her. I’m always trying to expose her to different textures and experiences so I’m not sure where this came from.

Additionally her feet have become really sensitive too. If a thread or crumb touches her foot she points and says “boo boo” and can’t move on without someone removing it.

Again, I definitely give her many sensory experiences daily from water/ice play, squeezing lemons, full body finger/feet painting, contact paper collaging etc. so I’m just confused where this is coming from. I really want to support her as these situations seem to cause her much distress.

What would some appropriate next steps be so that she can cope as well as become less threatened from these materials/experiences?

Hey there! I see this is your first time posting, welcome!
Tape can be a little confusing for a little one and sometimes it does feel a little funny when it is applied to the skin and then is removed. So I can see why she would be a little uncertain. Since she’s 17 months, I would try painter’s tap with her, which is a little less sticky. A fun activity to try is to put small pieces of painter’s tape, about 4-5 inches long, on the edge of the counter and see if you can get her to one by one remove the pieces. I love this activity because it works on some precise grasping patterns as well as a slight overhead reach for shoulder stability. Also, under your supervision, try stickers with her. They sort of have that same consistency. See what she thinks of it.

I wouldn’t be too concerned yet. It seems like you are doing all of the right things by exposing her to different textures through play. If it gets to a point where it is really affecting her day to day functioning, or her emotional reactions are extreme, then I would reach out to a pediatric OT with experience in SI. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

@tots-mary thanks so much for the warm welcome! :blush:

I have been using painters tape with her animal figurines, where she has to pull the tape off to get the animal. That is when i first noticed her opposition.

I like the sticker idea, I will try to incorporate that too!

Any suggestions about her feet? She starts to breakdown and doesn’t move if she feels a crumb/thread/paper stuck to the bottom.