"Swimming" during tummy time

Here for another question :grinning: …my 6 month old is doing great now (finally) with tummy time and pushing up all the way doing full neck extension and spending a lot of time on the floor (tummy, rolling, back, starting to pivot some while on tummy, etc.) Now that her tummy time has increased, she does sometimes take frequent breaks after pushing up on arms by then going down to the ground, and does a “swimming” like motion (legs kicking/fluttering and arms either in superman stretched out position or forming 90 degree angles with elbows bent. Is this “swimming” motion in tummy time normal? Thanks!


If what you’re describing is what I’m imagining, then this is very typical-babies are figuring out what their muscles can do and as they become motivated to move forward, they need to figure out which muscles to use to get going…this is all part of the practice!

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Yes! @tots-allison is right, this is a very typical part of development. And the “swimming” motion you described is called the landau reflex, which emerges around 5 months (give or take). The purpose of this swimming motion is to strengthen the postural muscles to create a balance between the flexor (belly) and extensor (back) side of the trunk. This careful balance will help her when she begins to sit independently. Keep up with the floor time :slight_smile:

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