Supportive sneakers for 5yo

Hi! I’m an outpatient Pedi OT and I work with kiddos with autism, mostly preschool, kindergarten, and 1st graders. I’m wondering if you have recommendations for supportive sneakers for a client I treat? She has poor motor planning, balance, endurance, and overall strength. Also presents with low tone. Thanks!

Hi! Wobbly Waddlers have some great options!

I’m also a fan of stride rite, new balance, and Nike-but it can depend on the shoe and the child’s foot. Is the clumsiness coming from foot/ankle instability?
I also really like Velcro for kids that age because they can make them tighter for more support instead of having their laces hanging loose throughout the day.

Here’s a link to some great tips from @Emily_Whigham_Heisey on her Instagram Page

Amazing, thank you! I’ll definitely pay closer attention to her ankles when I treat her next. Overall, she has poor strength and decreased body awareness. She’s constantly tripping over herself and everything in her environment.

I do have another question regarding sneakers. Do you recommend these options you provided for bilateral clubfeet?

If there’s clumsiness due to low tone, flat footedness, ankle instability, the child might benefit from an orthotic. Maybe ask for a PT and or orthotist consult?

I also find that lots of work on transitioning between different positions (sitting to standing to rolling to standing etc. is so good for body awareness and improving balance. Lots of SLS activities, activities on an unstable surface, squatting and standing etc.

As far as clubfeet go, it really depends on the severity. There are shoes/braces made specifically for this purpose, but has the child been casted or treated for this condition?

That makes total sense! I’m wondering about dyspraxia with this child too. I may refer to PT or an orthotist- thank you for the suggestions!

With the kiddo with club feet, yes he has had prior treatment and casting when he was a baby I believe. He is 5yo now. At this point, his family is in the process of determining if he needs additional treatment. Is this painful for him? He has limited vocal communication.


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