Supination + Bowlegs

My almost 13 month old has been walking independently since about 10.5 months old. He has bow-legs which I think is getting better but I noticed he sometimes walks on the outside of his feet. I usually have him barefoot around the house. Would shoes help? Will this get better as his legs straighten? Anything else I should consider? I see a lot of posts about probation but I’m not sure how to address this. Thanks!

His legs should continue to get straighter as the bowleg is part of the developmental process. With the supination I would want to know how flexible his foot is. Can you move his forefoot easily and his heel easily? Shoes may help. If it’s not flexible though you may need to look into some type of inserts. I would recommend taking pictures like these every few weeks so that you can see how his legs are progressing and have a visual history. I’m not sure if that helped at all. It’s so hard without being able to get my hands on him!

@Starfishtherapies’ advice is exactly what I would say. Most likely if you’re seeing improvement in the legs, that will continue and the ankle alignment will likely follow. Taking pictures and comparing every few weeks will help you determine that. In 2/3 months if you don’t see improvement, it’s a good idea to see a pediatric PT.

Putting shoes on may help also, we usually like to recommend barefoot for foot muscle development, but in this case try shoes on for a few weeks and see how much improvement you’re noticing.

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