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Suggestions on High chair?

Hi there, does anyone have suggestions/ reviews on high chairs ? I know most of US & Canada products are same but if anyone has particular suggestions for high chairs in Canada, would love to hear.

Thanks in advance

So I like feeder seats that allow the feet to touch the floor but then I do realize the product is on the floor. And sometimes the positioning still isn’t good. Most all high chairs are at the height of the adult ( which is nice for mommy and daddy) but not ideal for baby. Feet are often dangling with no support . All high chairs seem to have the piece for he feet to rest …but reality is that baby needs to be a toddler before they can sit grounded with feet on footplate . Having the feet grounded gives trunk control . Trunk control gives greater ability to swallow. Trunk control gives greater upper extremity feeding coordination. All therapists know this so why do we not have a better high chair ? Idk ? I will provide some pictures of a Tripp trapp chair that does have adjustable solid foot floor and fisher price floor high chair . I guess parents don’t buy the Tripp trapp chair because it’s not plush and comfy like our American high chairs . I have designed a floor seat with tray that can be used for eating, activities etc . I am waiting to get a child safety certificate before I make it available . It is patented bc it has a pull up bar to practice standing when tray is removed.

Just a little input from Jennifer Aguillard PT , PCS .
I am located in Louisiana . I am a board certified pediatric clinical specialist in Physical Therapy

Love all of those suggestions!! Here is a post from my Instagram about finding the perfect highchair. I like the Keekaroo also and have some other favorites on an Amazon page I created (not trying to sell them, but it is a great way to see them all). Let me know if you want the link.

That is such a great question. We have a blog post on what to look for in a high chair as well as some of our favorites with different price points here on our blog.

I’ve also found Yeah Baby Goods which has a great after market footrest that can be added to a chair that doesn’t provide great foot support.

Hope this helps!

I’m not sure the link posted correctly. Here’s the article for reference.

Hi Bree,

Thank you so much for the reply and on your advise only now am going to buy YeahBabygoods products plus ikea high chair … such a feasible and pocket friendly option.