Starting solids

My daughter is a couple weeks shy of 5 months. My mom says that I should’ve been giving her rice cereal already, but I’ve heard from other friends to wait until 6 months and to start with mild veggies instead of grains? Any tips?

We had a great conversation about transitioning to solids with Kacie Barnes from - she suggests waiting till 6 months… have a listen to our podcast to get some more great tips and insights

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I’m home with number four who is already 6.5 months and while she has already tasted a few things, there are days, even weeks !! Where I don’t feed her “solids” just because I don’t have the time!!

I wouldn’t stress about it if I were you. All kids want to eat and taste eventually - she won’t be drinking bottles/nursing forever! Take your time and enjoy the less prep options! Go with your gut, you’ll know when the time is right for you and your baby.

Good luck!

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Best advice is to Ask your doctor ! Guidelines are Changing and evolving ( remember when many of us were babies we were put to sleep on our bellies!)
That being said the norm is usually around 5 months