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Standing/walking independently

Little one cruises like a pro and practically runs when pushing her wagon. However, if she is walking holding one of my fingers or even if I’m just holding her shoulders I noticed all her weight is shifted backwards. Any tips on how to shift the weight forward, other than sit to stands and standing with back to a surface and encouraging her to take a step forward towards me/another surface?

Those that you mentioned are a great way because they encourage forward weight shift. You can also pay attention to where you are standing and not stand behind her. Also decrease assist so she can’t lean into you or pull on you. Kids will take support when it’s provided but if we can decrease it they will figure out the balance they need to stay upright!

Yes!!! Standing in front of your baby is helpful in that weight shift! Also try to remember to hold your baby’s hand below shoulder level, rather than having her raise her arm to meet you above her shoulder

Thank you!!

Yes I always make sure her hands are below her shoulders

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