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Standing Unassisted and Cruising

Hello! My 10 mo daughter (11 months on the 13th) cannot stand unassisted/independently and cruises mostly when standing on the couch and leaning against the backrest. She can cruise along other furniture but only for a short distance, not regularly, and with quite a bit of encouragement. She has been pulling to stand since 9 months old and has met all of her other milestones in the expected timeframe. I also just started having her take some steps while holding onto a push walker (with me helping push the walker). Should I be concerned? What can I do to help/encourage her to stand independently and cruise more? Thanks!

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Hi there! There is huge range of when walking is mastered and some babies don’t reach this milestone until 16 months of so. And since your baby is 10 months, that is definitely on the younger side of the range. I will tag some amazing PT’s to see if they can provide more insight! :slight_smile:

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Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Ideally we would like to see more cruising and attempts for independent standing at this age but it could be she is hesitant. That being said I think it’s great that you are looking for ways to support her. I am linking my Developmental Milestone blog Round up which has a ton of resources and here is a playlist on our YouTube that may be helpful!

Thanks so much for the responses! I will definitely take a look at the links provided. Yes, I think my daughter is hesitant to stand independently, even only for a few seconds, and cruise. I’ve noticed that she’s quite the careful/cautious baby. She has been starting to cruise a little more the last few days so hopefully this is moving in the right direction.

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Keep us posted!

Quick update: my daughter is now cruising with furniture and other objects in both directions! However, still will not/hesitant to stand unassisted, even for a few seconds. When I try to get her to stand, she sits down immediately. Is there anyway I can help her in the standing unassisted department? Thanks so much!

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That’s great! Here is a playlist with some ideas. Walking and Standing Balance - YouTube

Also, our pre-walker self paced program helps with this as well if you want to check that out! Pre-Walker // Gross Motor Programs