Sound sensitivity for momma

Any tips or tricks for momma would be appreciated! I’m already sensitive to sound and know I get easily overwhelmed when there is too much. Now with two kids, age 4 and 2, I just want to meltdown when I hear too much and the sound is bouncing off the walls! Good sound or tantrums. Any helps on grounding and centering me?

Hey there! This is such a great question! Did you see the response from @Otholly? It’s so comprehensive and she has some really good tips. :slight_smile:

Like @Otholly mentioned, even though your children are young, you can start to model the differences between loud and soft sounds. Practice whispering around your kids. When I’m working with kids, when I start to whisper, usually they will get quiet to listen to me and then they’ll start to whisper too.

Get plenty of outdoor time in order to minimize the amount of time you are in your home where the noise may be amplified.

Similarly, minimize other sensory input throughout your day i.e. monitor your screen time, keep lights lowered and use natural light instead. Keep the TV or music volume low. Sometimes after a long day of processing multi-sensory input, even the smallest amount of input can be overwhelming to the nervous system.

Try yoga! The deep-rhythmic breathing, coupled with the weight-bearing postures, can really help to active your proprioceptive system, which can help to modulate and calm the other senses (including your auditory system)

Also, keep sleep a priority and watch your caffeine intake. I’ve notice that when I drink too much coffee (guilty pleasure :slight_smile: ), I can be more anxious throughout the day, which can also be overstimulating to my nervous system. See if that is the case with you too!

I hope this helps!