Sleep Tips for Toddlers and Older Kids

With school back in session for most everybody, whether that be homeschooling, distant learning, or some kind of in-person education, I’ve talked with many families who are struggling with their child’s sleep! Here are my top 5 tips for toddlers and older kids:

  1. Routines- have a consistent bedtime routine to help your child’s body and mind register that it’s time for bed - this should be about 20-30 minutes long.
  2. Consistent Expectations- toddlers and older kids, especially, are professionals at coming up with excuses at bedtime! Set some bedtime “rules” with your child and stick to them!
  3. Toddler Clock- using a toddler clock, such as the Hatch Baby Rest, is a great way to establish night time boundaries, and can especially help with early morning wakings.
  4. Screen Time- try to avoid screen time at least an hour before bed, two hours is ideal!
  5. Early Bedtime- aim to have your child in bed between 6:30-8:00 pm! With older school-aged kiddos, I’m willing to push that to 8:30, but we want to make sure our kids are getting adequate sleep every night.

To read more about each of these tips, check out my blog post: