Sitting question

Baby girl is 6 months old tomorrow, so sitting in on my mind. When I put her in sit to practice (which I don’t do much I know you shouldn’t force it) she sometimes can hold it for a few second, but most of the time she forcefully extends her back and kind of lurches backwards. Something to worry about? To my understand/observations all other things seem typical for baby girl. Thanks all!

Hi and welcome!!

This is very typical in the beginning of sitting because the core and back muscles have to learn to co-contract and work together to help baby maintain an upright posture.

You can try sitting behind baby with her in between your legs and you can give gentle input to keep her steady.

You also also place her in a large box or a laundry basket with it propped against a wall or you holding on so she doesn’t topple.

Regardless, your baby sounds on track and beginning the early stages of sitting. We’d love to see pics if you try any of these tips! :relaxed:

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Hi! These are all great ideas from @tots-allison. Additional option is to have toys in front of her to play with or on a small stool/surface in front of her. This helps keep her weight forward so she can learn to lift her body smaller amounts without the flinging. I would also work on getting in and out of sitting as having this control can really help with balance. I like to practice getting into sitting from a kneeling position and work my way down to from the belly. I have a post that shows what I mean by from the kneeling position. Login • Instagram
Here is one with all sorts of transitions on the floor Login • Instagram
And one more on just some ideas for independent sitting Login • Instagram
Hope these help! Keep us posted!


Thank you!!