Sitting count as quality floor time?

Does sitting independently (not in a container) count as quality floor time? My 6 month old sits up basically on her own (just us there to catch if she wobbles over) and loves it. This change has taken place of some of her time she used to spend on the floor on her belly/back. Just wondering if sitting on the floor playing is also good or if we should lay her back down for back and belly time more still.


Hey Ashley! I love this question…

Sitting on the floor absolutely counts as quality floor time play- 100%!

When your baby is sitting she is continuing to work her core and back muscles to hold herself up in a sitting position-now against gravity in a new way. Soon she should be able to reach in all directions, continuing to work those muscles as she plays.

That being said, continuing tummy time also has great benefits-strengthening her arms and shoulders in preparation for getting into sitting on her own and crawling are definitely at the top of that list. So if you can, try to add in some tummy time into your day even though she’s already at the sitting stage.



I agree with @tots-allison and also would say to make sure that you have toys around so she has to reach for them and she is practicing getting in and out of sitting!

Hi @AshleyR, welcome!
Totally agree with the above answers. Anytime baby is out of a container and she can move freely is important! How much is she able to do in sitting? Is she playing with a toy in front of her with both hands? Is she able to reach down to pick up a toy in front of her? As she gets stronger, her ability to move dynamically will improve as will her ability to move in an out of positions. If she’s sort of just sitting there and is not able to move much or play with a toy at midline because she will fall over, I would do what @tots-allison mentioned and keep prioritizing floor time, sprinkling in some time in sitting. In order to help her with her dynamic balance in sitting, you can have her straddle your thighs (when you’re sitting), give some support at her hips/pelvis and move your legs slowly to see if she can use her postural muscles to maintain her balance. Side sitting is also another position to practice because it will help her learn how to transition in and out of the sitting position, not to mention it’s a great core workout. @Starfishtherapies do you have any posts and/or resources on side sitting?

Thanks, great information here in the responses! In my daughter’s case, while sitting she is able to reach down and play with toys in front of her, is able to reach down and grab toys, and I’ve started putting toys to either side so she can reach across to pick up toys. While she’s sitting, sometimes I’ll apply a little “push” pressure (hardly any and with me ready to catch of course) to one side, the other, front and back to see if she’s able to stabilize back to upright middle (which she’s been able to do without losing balance and falling). I haven’t tried side sitting yet, but will try that. She doesn’t make any motion towards getting in and out of sitting position on her own. Are there ways to help practice that or do I wait for her to show signs of that? Thanks again!

Getting into sitting typically comes later on-usually around 8 months, so no need to practice a skill she’s not yet developmentally ready for. Giving her the floor time to play is the best thing for advancing typical development :blush:

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That’s great that you are working on her stabilty, you also want to encourage the getting in and out. Getting out is often very uncontrolled at first! Here is a video on side sitting. I actually have a whole play list on sitting which also talks about getting in and out. I don’t know that they are in a specific order so you can look at the titles!

And, here is my developmental milestones blog round up which has a section on sitting that gives ideas for all of the above! I hope these are helpful!

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