Sensory seeking?

Hi- my 3 year old is very bright- extra moly verbal, great memory but has some social issues that the teacher thinks may be sensory related.
He stiffs his arms when excited, likes to hug and sit on students, and doesn’t seem good entering play.

They also say at school he puts a lot in mouth(not the case at home) but he does use and love paci during sleep…

Any tips?

Hi @Leigh217 ! It sounds like the teacher has some concerns about socialization, but there’s definitely follow up questions that should be asked.

Mouthing can mean so many things-one being sensory seeking for sure, another can be anxiety, or it could still be age appropriate oral stimulation.

Is he sensory seeking in other ways? Do you notice him excessively touching or crashing into things? Does his “sitting on others” improve after a lot of physical/outdoor play?

What have you noticed with his social skills at home or around friends? Is there a difference when it’s a big group in school vs one on one play at home?

Some kids struggle with motor planning making it difficult to enter into play that’s already going on.

There are so many factors, so it’s important to follow up with his teacher to get clear examples of what behaviors does he/she sees on a regular basis so you can seek out the proper help.

I’ll tag a few other professionals who can hopefully share some advice or follow up questions to ask.

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I agree with @tots-allison! Gathering more information will be helpful, both in terms of what the teacher is seeing in school and what you’re seeing at home. Are you seeing the same things at home? If you are, is it something you’re concerned about? You might also ask your pediatrician what their thoughts are about these behaviors, and whether they think follow-up is necessary.

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