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Sensory Development at the Supermarket!

Thinking about sensory rich experiences for children typically leads you towards craft projects, nature walks, or reading books with touch and feel components. And these really are all great options! But isn’t it also helpful to know that a trip to the grocery store can be just as beneficial for your tot’s development? Both babies and toddlers are able to engage with the world in a brand new way just by sitting in a shopping cart.

Here are some of the great benefits you are providing by bringing your tot along on your weekly errands.

  1. VESTIBULAR INPUT through the vibrations and movement of the shopping cart.

  2. STRENGTHENING core muscles and challenging sitting balance while bouncing around in the front seat of the cart.

  3. VISUAL STIMULATION from all the bright colors and shapes in the aisles.

  4. TACTILE EXPERIENCE from touching all the textured fruit and packages being purchased.

Important Note Babies do not get all the same benefits when reclining in carseats or other equipment. When your baby can sit independently, it is time to leave the carseat in the car!![supermarket trips are so exciting!