Sensory activities

Hello! I’m new here and wanted recommendations on sensory activities for my 9 month old. Anything would help! Thank you :blush:

Hey there, welcome!! One of the best way for your baby to get sensory input is through free movement on the floor. Keep your baby’s socks off to receive all of the wonderful tactile and proprioceptive input through the arms, hands, legs and feet. Crawling on the floor, carpet, and even outside on the grass (weather permitting of course :wink:) are all ways she’ll get really valuable sensory input, which will help her refine her processing and discrimination skills.

You can also use food to encourage tactile exploration and sensory input. Playing with yogurt, purees, crushed cheerios etc, are all ways he/she can explore these textures. There are so many play accounts on IG that you may be able to get some inspiration from as well. … I’ve also seen some fun sensory bags that I like that I’ll tag below. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Yes!! Floor time is actually a great sensory experience for baby getting lots of input from the floor to build better body awareness.

I also love outdoor swings (also weather permitting) for great vestibular input to help improve balance skills.

Check out our sensory activity guide for activities that target all the senses

love your sensory packet! I got some great activity ideas!

Sorry for the late response but thank you! I keep my baby on the floor with no sucks but I didn’t realize that was enough for sensory play. I try to give her toys that are not battery operated but I love the bag idea

I love the guide thank you!

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I’m so glad!