Hello! I had a quick question as to what muscles I need to help my little one strengthen in order for her to start using the rest of her body to crawl. She currently is almost 9 months and army crawling but keeping her left leg stiff and using her right one consistently. She pulls herself on her forearms and uses her right foot to help get her forward. I’m not sure as to what muscles need to be strengthened and how to go about doing it. She does rock on all fours quite often before going back down on her tummy but not sure why she’s only using once side to crawl. Any help would be great!!

Hey @Blueyes! It’s great that your baby is rocking on all fours-it means she’s building stability through all four limbs.

Often when we see babies using one side of their body to push/pull forwards it means that one side has some tightness in the trunk/hip and or shoulder/neck.

I would start off with doing a lot of play in sidesitting-check out our reel here for a good view of that at the end-

This can really help stretch any tightness in the hips/trunk -and do this to both sides 2-4 times for a few minutes every day. (I find it hard for parents to remember which side, so I always say both sides).

Also try having your baby crawl over your leg or a boppy pillow- this helps build more strength throughout the body to help baby maintain quadruped (all fours) while moving.

Check out the visual at the end of this reel:

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Check out kinactive kids on instagram… she has tons of info/tips regarding the “janky crawl”