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Scooterbaord exercise

I’m back. Is there a way to make a scooterboard harder, like with resistance? We want my kids using it for hamstrings, but it’s too easy on wood floors. I tried to zip tie a 5 pound weight to it, but I’m not sure if it’s any harder once the object is in motion. Physics and all :smirk:.


Work on having them go slowly then they can’t use momentum. I know it still gets me when I do it on a hardwood floor!

Should I take the weight off? Or will it help a little?

It will probably help some. You can also try it to see if you feel the difference!

You’re welcome back ANYTIME!! Wohooo!!!

Going outside and up hills is also a great way to make it harder if possible. If the scooter has larger wheels, it might be able to go across grass which would also add resistance.

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