Safe Bumpers?

Hey y’all, are there any bumpers on the market that are considered safe for the crib? My baby’s foot keeps getting stuck. Thanks!

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Hi @tara_clark! It is my understanding that bumpers are not safe and are not advised. I’ll tag some amazing sleep consultants to see if we can get some more insight!
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Mary is right, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, crib bumpers (even mesh ones) are not considered safe for sleep.

Some babies go through a “phase” where they seem to enjoy putting a limb through the crib slats and end up “stuck.” If your little one truly is stuck, of course go in and help them get it out. However I also suggest giving a bit of wait time (unless, again, they truly are stuck), to give them space to figure out how to get out so it doesn’t become a game!

But also know that just because there arm or foot is between the slats doesn’t mean they’re stuck! I also frequently peak at my girls on the monitor and see a limb out, and I never would have known! They slip right out when they move.

And know that the chance of injury from getting an arm or leg caught in those slats is incredibly low.