Running Stroller

So, I know based on manufacturers, my BOB jogging stroller says to wait until 8 months to run with the baby in the stroller without the carseat attachment. Our little one is almost 8 months, but she is still pretty small. Are there certain milestones we should look for before running with her in the stroller by herself? She can sit independently, crawl, pull to stand, and does a little cruising, so she seems to have good body control, but I wanted to ask!

Hi, I believe head control is one of the biggest things to look for. You could always start with a short easy jog on level ground and see how that goes. But, based on how you are describing her you should be ok!

Yes agreed with @Starfishtherapies. It’s likely to make sure that they recommend to wait until a baby has good head and trunk control but based on how your describe your baby’s function, she can likely tolerate just fine.

And also a good place to start is on level, smooth ground to see how it goes as @Starfishtherapies mentioned.


Thank you!

Also, this is probably a stupid question, but when they say to look for head/trunk control what does that mean? Like that she can move it intentionally or maintain control when moved? First-time mom here…

All questions are good questions! Yes, able to maintain good neck/head control means intentionally move the head or hold the head stably against gravity :relaxed:

Another thing I look at is if you wear her forward facing in a carrier how does her head do? Does it flop all over the place or does she keep it still and look around? Does that make sense?

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