Rolling over too early?

My son will be 7 weeks old in 2 days, was born 2 weeks prior to due date (induction due to elevated BP). We’ve been doing tummy time daily for 5 minutes or so. He’s been rolling over to each side now for the past week or so. Is this something to be concerned about? Everything I read it’s really soon.

Hi! Congrats on your new little one. No this is not something to be concerned about. It’s great that you are doing tummy time. If you can fit it in more during the day that’s great too! In the beginning rolling can happen as a reflex rather than more purposefully so don’t be surprised if you see your little one stop doing it for a while as they get the strength to do it purposefully. Your little one sounds like they are doing what they should be doing!
As you go through this highlight I have some things on helping kids to purposefully roll baby skills
I also have more on rolling here

Hope that all makes sense to you!

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Thank you - I tried clicking your links and it just sent me to an Instagram page of Highlights sports account

Hmm, that’s weird. It is for instagram highlights on rolling. If you go to @starfishtherapies on instagram we have a rolling highlight. We also just put together this blog round-up for various developmental milestones. But just know that from what you are explaining what your daughter is doing is typical. Developmental Milestones Round-up

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@Starfishtherapies is absolutely right! Nothing to worry about. If your baby keeps it up then great, if he stops don’t be concerned either. Babies are all different so even though they are “normal” ranges for milestones, we like to track overall progress and control of movements.

If he is just rolling over by accident vs. purposefully to get a toy or reach for something, then it’s likely more due to reflexes.

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He just sort of did it. He’s had really great head control and just after reading a few things, need to make sure he’s doing things the right way / not locking his shoulders? Am I worrying for nothing? Lol

Without seeing your little one Id say they are doing what they are supposed to be doing! If you are really worried you could get a PT to look at them but what you are describing sounds typical!

HI @Glamgrl, You may find our most recent podcast helpful :slight_smile:

Here is my question…From A sleep perspective, we tell parents that once the baby can roll over in both directions it is safe to allow them to sleep on his stomach. If rolling over is solely reflexive does that still apply ?

Rolling isn’t solely reflexive. It is definitely a purposeful activity. I think what we have talked about is very early on little ones may roll off of their belly and it is more reflexive. Since babies are put to sleep on their back, what I understand is once they can roll onto their belly it’s ok to let them sleep that way. If I didn’t understand your question, please feel free to clarify!