Rolling over issues at 7 months

Hi my 7 month old was born at 36 weeks our pediatrician told us he may be slow at meeting milestones. He is now 7 months and does tummy time, reaches for toys, and wiggles his legs around so he does a full circle without crawling. He has plenty of floor time. He is still not rolling over and perhaps has done it a few times. He sits independently. Should I be worried about development?

Hi! That’s great that he does tummy time and is pivoting on his belly! When he’s in sitting does he get out of sitting? I don’t think you have to be worried but I would definitely work on rolling with him. I have a some rolling posts on instagram (check out our highlights where I have more info) as well as some blogs in our developmental milestone round up. I think if you do from side lying you can work on either direction and help him figure out that he can get to something if he rolls! At this point I think working on transitions between positions will be important! Does that make sense?

We also have a 6 week gross motor program that you can get self paced to work on rolling if you are interested. I’ve attached the soft launch link (it should be on our website shortly!) I would also work on side sitting with him if you aren’t already. Check out our blog in the roundup I linked above!

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@Starfishtherapies has great stuff in those links! Definitely check them out

Also-here’s a post I did on rolling:
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You can also listen to the podcast that @Starfishtherapies did with us on this topic!

And here was another question asked on this same topic-while the baby was a younger age, some of the answers may be helpful to you:

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