Rolling Over 6 months

I’m sure you get a lot of dms but, hoping you can ease my mind about milestones. My 6 month old still isn’t rolling. He definitely is try and reaching for toys and I will help him roll over. He has accidentally rolled over but not purposefully, he just doesn’t seem like he cares. He almost starts pushing the opposite way when I try to help him roll over. He is meeting other milestones and is sitting up, reaching for toys, grasping, follows objects etc. I asked the nurse practitioner at our 6 month appointment and she didn’t seem too worried. I just see other 6 month olds already starting to crawl and I get worried. We do lots of tummy time to help. Would you be considered?

Hi @Brittany_Leigh, welcome! The typical time frame for rolling is anywhere from 4-6 months, so he may be almost there! I would continue to give him lots of floor time in order to continue to develop his head, neck, arm, and core muscles. Also, the time frame for crawling could be anywhere from 6-10 months, so he’s still on the younger side for that milestone. We have some amazing and very skilled therapists on this community forum so I’m sure you will get lots of tips to help your little guy along. :slight_smile:

Hi @Brittany_Leigh,

It’s good to know that your baby is meeting other milestones appropriately. I agree with @tots-mary is giving him as much floor time as possible to help build strength and encourage motivation for him to move independently.

Try playing with him on both of his sides as well to help him understand what it feels like to be in that position.

@Starfishtherapies has some great info in her story highlights which you can find here:

The only other thing I would wonder is if there is any tightness that’s making it difficult for him to roll-did he have torticollis? A tongue/lip tie?

Sometimes tightness in the hips or trunk can make it difficult for a baby to rotate.

Let us know how you’re doing!

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Hi @Brittany_Leigh

I agree with @tots-allison and @tots-mary your baby is still within that normal range of rolling development.

I just did a series on rolling you can find it in my highlights I hope the visuals can help.

Great job on encouraging tummy time keep it up! Also exposing your baby to 1) sidelying play 2) trying to get your baby to bring their feet up towards their mouth/kicking their legs to build up the core muscles and 3) reaching for toys during tummy time to elicit a natural side to side weight shift can also help with rolling

Babies are very visually motivated and their head movement guides their body with rolling. Tracking a toy to the side and over the shoulder can help as well!

Hope this helps!