Rolling only to the right

My 4month old has started rolling back to belly however only goes to the right 98% of the time and can’t go belly to back and doesn’t tuck her arms in during tummy time spends most of the time “swimming” she reaches for toys when in tummy time and on her back. She’s been rolling for about 2.5 weeks. Does she just need more time to learn to roll to the left?

Hi, thanks for reaching out. That’s great that she has started rolling! One way to encourage her to roll to the other side is for you to put a block (like your leg) to her right and put things she wants to her left! As for tummy to back working on pushing up onto her arms will help with this. Here is a playlist of a bunch of rolling videos I have made: Rolling - YouTube
And here is a round-up of all of our developmental milestone blogs: Developmental Milestones Round-up
Hopefully these ideas help but also, your little one sounds like she is on track and it’s great that you are paying attention early!