Rolling issues

Hi! My son will be 5 months next week. He never had an issue rolling belly to back. The day he rolled back to belly (over a month ago) he stopped rolling belly to back. I’ve been practicing with him a lot during every wake window and he keeps flinging his arms down. I brought him to a chiro after his lip/tongue tie release 2 weeks ago and his right side was really tight and continues to be tight. He favors left when rolling. Should I look for a PT for him? It’s been killing our sleep for the last month! And I want to make sure he’s even. Thank you!

Hi, thank you for reaching out. I think PT would be great to add to help him get more symmetrical. I love that you are being proactive. I’m also going to link my rolling playlist here so you can get some ideas! Rolling - YouTube

Resisted rolling is also one of my favorites to do for little ones with tightness on one side. Login • Instagram