Rolling back to belly

Hi there, 6 month old can roll belly to back consistently, has strong legs and can support his body weight while holding on to something, and is developing those sitting skills nicely.

He just is like a bug on his back though and happy to be there! He is a large baby (99th percentile) with a somewhat long torso and struggles to reach his toes lying down (but can when sitting up). Can lift legs up while lying down but then he drops them (which I’m assuming is related to his core)

I will bend his knee and rotate hips and he will roll on to his belly (though he does everything in his power to prevent this!)

Any other things I can/should be doing?

Hi @MDipps -it’s very common for babies to get the bag of going on one direction first-so that’s a very good sign. And while some may say that size can inhibit development, there are many big babies who do meet milestones within the normal ranges.

-I recommend helping him play with his feet-you can support him under his bottom (try sitting in a kneeling position and putting your knees under his bottom so it’s easier for him to lift his legs.

-Try having him play in sidelying so he’s halfway there and then rolling him onto his belly so he gets more comfortable with the motion

-do some baby sit-ups like in the third slide of this post to strengthen his core

Let us know how the progress is going!

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Those are all great ideas from @tots-allison. I also recommend making the rolling to his belly a game and you do most of the work in the beginning and when he gets to his belly a motivating toy is there. As they get a little older sometimes they feel ‘off balance’ so they fight going the whole way over because their balance reactions are kicking in and they are trying to stabilize. So you doing the work for them initially can help normalize this. Here is our developmental Milestone round up which as a rolling section with a link to our play list on youtube! It sounds like you are doing a great job!

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