Rolling back to belly but not belly to back

Hello!! my son is 8 months old. Hitting milestones pretty well… besides one… so he rolls back to belly, but absolutely will not roll belly to back. We have tried, and now that he can sit up, he goes from belly and just pushes himself up. Is there something i could do different ? Is it okay if he doesn’t?

I would keep working on it but that’s great that he can get up into sitting and roll from back to belly! You can try using an oversized pillow and make it a game so that if he tries to reach he topples over and then make it really fun that he rolled that way! Sometimes kids do skip a skill but I like to try to add the skill into play. So maybe make it a song about rolling (the wheels on the bus maybe). Here is a video where I show using the pillow! Using a Pillow to Help with Rolling - YouTube