Responding to their name

When should babies respond to their name? I realize all babies are different but at what age does not responding to their name become a concern?

I would say between 6 and 8 months your baby should respond to their name. I always tell my clients that the children did not respond to their name to do a lot of mirror games and one on one time making sure that you always address the child with their name and speaking to them using their name

Oh no! Shes a little over 8 months already and has a ton of one on one time with me but she definitely doesn’t know her name.


Sometimes it can take babies up to 9 months to respond to their name, but there are many other milestones to consider at this age.

Is your baby responding to other sounds? Does your baby babble or make sounds like, “mamama” or “gigigig?” There are many pre-linguistic skills we want to see in little ones at this age, too.

Here is some information about those skills:
Pre-language Skills Blog Post

While one specific skill does not indicate a concern, we want to make sure little ones are meeting most of the skills for their age. Here is a free checklist you can download for 0-12 month milestones:
Free Checklist from Tiny Talkers

We hope this helps!

Stephanie + Becky
Tiny Talkers, LLC

Thank you for all of this information! I’ve heard if babies are currently working on motor skills then they may be taking a break from language skills, if this is true does that apply to responding to name? Because she is totally all about her motor skills at the moment.

I took a look at your blog post. I’d say joint attention hasn’t emerged yet, but I’ll definitely be looking for it in the coming weeks. I think i can say she does eye contact. I wouldn’t say she uses gestures yet, and definitely doesn’t point yet. Doesn’t imitate (movements or words) and doesn’t necessarily do turn taking. Unless i count “dada” for both imitating and turn taking, but it may just be a coincidence since “dada” is a favorite word and person! I don’t think she’s connected the two yet though. But id say yes to vocalizations, she does grunt or whine or babble to get my attention.

But ill definitely work on the suggestions in the blog post! I will ofcourse be bringing up any concerns to her pediatrician at her appointment coming up.

Yes! That’s absolutely true. As little ones are developing and learning so many new skills, they sometimes may focus on one area at certain times and not another. I would focus on motor/speech imitation! You can play simple back-and-forth games like pat a cake or peek a boo! Let us know if you have any other questions!
Becky + Stephanie
Tiny Talkers, LLC

Does she respond to your voice when you are talking to her? Keep talking, calling her name, playing peek a boo and mirror play!