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This is such an important topic. One that I think we never really think about until we are in the thick of raising small people. The amount of sound that moms have to process on a daily basis is kind of like an olympic sport for our brains. I have a post of sensory triggers for moms that you are welcome to check out but I have also just copied some of the auditory info to here for you. Hope it is helpful.


  • Switch off non essential noises during “fussy times” like washing machine, TV, cellphone
  • Play games like “loud & quiet” to teach your kids volume control
  • Avoid big conversations during times that the house is generally loud

Quick fixes

  • Quieten your voice
  • Step outside- noise travels differently and even a baby crying can be easier to process outside
  • Put calm music on headphones or hum to yourself

Sensory self care for busy moms

Sensory mama ninja trick 1: Activate your vestibular system

Move your head

  • Do a headstand
  • or hang upside down off the couch
  • Swing- in a hammock or on a swing in the playground
  • downward dog
  • Dance or sway
  • Bounce on an exercise ball

Sensory mama ninja trick 2: Activate your proprioceptive system

push, pull or squeeze

  • Push ups- even if they are on the wall
  • give someone a tight hug
  • wheelbarrow while resting on an exercise ball
  • run, jump or dance
  • pull on a rope or play tug of war
  • squeeze a stress ball

Sensory mama ninja trick 3: deep pressure

  • lie on your tummy and have your kid lie flat on your back
  • cuddle deep into a beanbag
  • go for a swim
  • get long, tight hugs from your kids
  • weighted blanket

By activating these sensory systems you are effectively emptying that overfull sensory cup that is always feeling dysregulated.

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