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Raising a Motor Smart Kid - 0-3 months


Hi! We are really excited about this e-book we have created for new parents on how to play with your brand new little one. It goes month by month and has tons of links and resources including lots of videos! It was definitely a labor of love making it and one mom who bought it already said ‘it’s exactly what she had been looking for’. Feel free to check it out and let me know if there are questions!

Click the picture above or the link here:
Raising a Motor Smart Kid: 0-3 Months


@Starfishtherapies uggh, I wish I would’ve known about this when my daughter was in those months! Do you have any ebooks that are geared toward 5-6 month olds? My daughter is just shy of 5 months and aside from lots of tummy time during play, I’m not sure what else she should be doing? Thanks!

We are working on it! We have some gross motor programs we are going to launch (as soon as my web guy gets them on the website). We have had a few people beta test them. They are geared towards specific motor milestones like tummy time, rolling, sitting, standing (supported), cruising, crawling, pre-walker, and new walker. If that sounds like something you might be interested in let me know and I can let you know as soon as we get the next set of months e-books done (hopefully sooner than later!)

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