Pulling to stand


I am wondering if anyone has some fun activities to encourage pulling to stand. We have a vtech activity table, but she will only pull up onto her knees and is content playing on her knees (I watch carefully for w sitting).

Thank you in advance!


Hey @Alyssad2. I’ll tag some of our amazing physical therapists because I’m sure they have a bunch of activities, plus some informative posts that they may have posted on instagram. @Starfishtherapies @magicmomentstherapy @AL-InclusiveTherapy @PTMelissa and any other fabulous PT’s in our community :blush:

@Alyssad2 one idea could be, if the legs can be removed from the v-tech table, to take the top of it and put it on the couch so that it is a higher surface. If that isn’t possible then look for ways to engage her on a couch or coffee table where she can’t access it as easily from her knees. Also, you can help her get into standing at the v-tech table every time she goes over to it and plays on her knees.
Here is a post on pulling to stand that might give you some ideas: pull to stand post

Let me know how some of those ideas work and if you have more questions or want more ideas. I’m actually going to be doing a instagram story in the next week on this topic as well! I can post it here once I do it!


@Alyssad2 I agree with the above recommendations. High kneeling is a great activity and I’d definitely recommend continuing that as it builds up trunk and hip strength. To encourage pulling to stand place objects of interest on higher surfaces just out of reach like @Starfishtherapies recommended. A coffee table, a couch, putting some fun links along babies crib rails to reach for. Try starting out with sitting on your legs or a low stool and working on pulling from sit to stand with less distance to cover than from the floor and then gradually progress to the floor.


Sit to stand with rings

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