PT for torticollis

My now 13 month old has been in PT since he was 5 months old for torticollis. His torticollis is long gone, but it seems like there is always something new to work on…wondering at what point is my PT just keeping us around? It seems like any baby COULD benefit from PT, it’s very helpful for development! But at twice a week for things like “tightness” and help with occasional drooling from teething, etc, it seems like overkill. He’s hit all milestones on crawling and is now walking.

My son has Torticollis- we stopped after a few months and he’s ok! He’s slightly crooked but turns Both wayS now. He also has a misshaped head from it as a baby. But he’s TOTALLY fine!

Because torticollis symptoms can continue to be return as a baby reaches new milestones (rolling, sitting, crawling, walking), often a PT will want to monitor the baby through the first year (maybe a bit longer) to make sure that as the baby moves against gravity in different positions, the muscles are responding appropriately.

It sounds like you feel all your baby’s needs have been met in that area, and yes, all babies would benefit from one-on-one attention to help progress development. Drooling during teething is also very normal and unless your PT is noticing something specific, it doesn’t seem like something that needs treatment.

Perhaps you can ask to drop down to a once a month consult for a month or two to see if you notice any regression.


I agree with @tots-allison. We like to monitor until a child is one and/or walking because it can impact other areas of development. However it’s usually monitoring unless the child continues to have a delay. If you are satisfied with your child’s progress you could ask for monitoring or for discharge. I would also encourage you to have a conversation with your PT about your concerns and see why they feel twice a week is still justified and ultimately you do have the final say!

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