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Proprioception and tactile seeking?

I need some sensory seeking ideas for my almost 15 month old. He bites me, pulls my hair, will curl his toes into my leg all as hard as he possibly can. He is very strong. I will be asking his pediatrician for an OT referral but I need some suggestions in the meantime please… my patience is wearing thin with getting treated like a stress ball

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Oh no, I can relate somewhat. My almost 21 month old needs a lot of activity. I find that when we do lots of climbing on the couch and crawling over pillows it helps. We also go outside whenever things get too crazy or I give him something focused to do (like putting things in thing). Lots of time ‘running’ and at the playground also helps. Hopefully one of the OT’s has some great ideas for you too!

@Glamgrl Thanks so much for this your question. I have a few followup questions. When does this behavior occur? When he’s feeling upset and dysregulated or is it when he’s happy and excited? Are you noticing any pattern?

The biting occurs more when he’s bored or tired. The toe digging is when he’s sitting on my lap and constantly moving like lounging on me, and wants to be on me as I’ve tried setting him down and whines to get back up.
I’m going to ask pediatrician for a ferritin level test as some of his behaviors seem to align with low ferritin level symptoms. Or they could just be sensory seeking.
I haven’t seen his pediatrician since I found out that my son’s father has schizophrenia. Has had it for years and no one thought it was pertinent to tell me he has auditory hallucinations. So I’m hoping with this new information they will take me a bit more seriously than when I was saying I believe his dad could be on the autism spectrum but not diagnosed.