Pronation while standing in 14 month old

How do you know when pronation is a problem in a baby? And at what age would you expect it to go away if it’s just developmental? My daughters is inconsistent and seems to be worse while standing still or on soft surfaces. PT said we’ll address it in a month of 2 and consider orthotics.

I’m also wondering if it’s what causes her to still fall while walking

most babies appear to have mild pronation when they begin walking because the arches of the foot actually don’t fully develop till children are several years old. Also, new walkers fall ALL the time! that’s very normal as they learn to use their muscles in a new way, find their new center of gravity, and navigate obstacles (even just visual distractions can cause loss of balance)

Is your daughter getting PT for delayed milestones or another reason that would lead you to be concerned now?

She is getting PT for very stubborn left sided torticollis. We’re making great progress the past 3 months, finally, with her new PT! Her left side is weaker and her life quadricep is noticeably weaker. Her neck has drastically improved, but now she’s left with compensations, primarily weak core and weaker left leg

I agree that all babies have what looks like pronation because of the fat pad in their arch. However some do truly collapse. I would probably try a supportive shoe first like Wobbly Waddlers to see how she does with that. If you post a picture of the back of her feet in standing in barefoot I can tell you if she is truly pronating. But generally we start with a supportive shoe with a built in arch support before orthotics to see if that helps. Let me know if you have questions.

Thank you! Is there a picture that you can see it better on? I have these, but I suspect they aren’t great for what you need to see.

Thanks. The fourth picture is they type I was looking for. If you can get a more straight on view of it it might be easier. From that picture it doesn’t look like he is pronated but it’s at a slightly hard to see angle.

Thank you! So a picture from behind of feet pointing straight away from the camera? Camera at floor level?

Yes! I’m trying to see what the heel bone and achilles tendon look like!

So I noticed sometimes it worse than others. Like when she walks they’re straighter and then she stops and they kinda fold in. They look much worse today

I would try some supportive shoes like Wobbly Waddlers (here is one version of their shoe) and see how she does. I don’t think she needs bracing/orthotics based on the pics but I’m also not seeing her in person. I would continue to do barefoot as much as possible as well over varied surfaces and textures. If you have slides around you can also have her work on climbing up the slides! Its a great whole body exercise but also great for the feet and legs!

So would I do shoes or barefoot? She never wears shoes, thanks Covid. Should she wear shoes in the house or barefoot? I appreciate your time, and I understand you can’t be sure just by pictures. Her PT said she won’t know until she can see her in person

It’s hard to say. Shoes will provide more support if you feel like she needs it. Barefoot will continue to allow her to strengthen her feet.

I agree it’s hard to say cause there are benefits to both. Maybe shoes on and take them off for a specific amount of “feet exercise time” of about 30-60 minutes a day. This can be after bath time when you don’t necessarily want to fully redress your child, but for the majority of the day keep shoes on so walking and climbing are done with the feet in better alignment