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Promoting Early Literacy - Dr. Becky's Book Bundles

I am a former teacher and have started a company that makes tools that promote early literacy and language development. My co-Founder is Dr. Rebecca Landa, a developmental scientist from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Kennedy Krieger Institute there. Our product is based on her years of research and clinical work. It is a book bundle consisting of a developmentally appropriate toddler book that has guided imitation, verbal, and play prompts written in the text to help the adult reader guide the child in interacting with the book. The book is paired with curated props and toys to further bring the story to life and invite imaginative play. Everything comes in a sturdy, cute neoprene backpack. It’s very interactive and fun. It is easy for teachers and therapists to use - no hunting or gathering of supplies. If parents use it, it really teaches parents how to interact with their children and reinforce early literacy skills. The book bundle has been used by preschool teachers, private therapists, parents and grandparents of toddlers with great success. Please check us out on our website!

Jane Kim
Co-Founder Dr. Becky’s