Prefers rolling to the left


My 7 month old (turned 7 months on the 24th) 6 months adjusted prefers to roll left back to belly, she is able to roll right, but it’s very rare that she will roll right. She rather roll left and then piviot in a circle or just lay on her back and play with her feet. She has been going to PT for 2 months for torticollis, but her neck is great now and we only see the tilt if she is teething. She does have a helmet. Her PT says to just keep practicing, she has great neck rotation. Any tips ?

Thank you !

@Smilano thanks for sharing all this info! It is common for torticollis to lead to a preference of one side and it’s great that your baby has been getting PT to help improve range of motion and function.

I would probably recommend asking your PT to just make sure there’s no tightness in baby’s trunk or hips which can happen with torticollis and not all PTs check those areas (I’m sure your PT is great, just sharing extra thoughts :relaxed:).

Continuing to practice and motivate her to look towards the right and roll her trunk in that direction will continue to remind her to focus on that side too. When she’s playing with her feet, try moving her feet to her right side-where her hips go, the trunk and head will follow.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Agree with @tots-allison and also when you are playing with her just block her preferred side! It will encourage rolling to the non-preferred side, especially if she is able to but just doesn’t. You can use your leg or the couch or a toy, etc.

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Thank you so much for responding ! I appreciate it and all your resources and tips. Her hips, neck, truck is all good, I will keep rolling her legs to the right while bringing them up to her hands. On a positive note she does roll right for a water bottle :woman_facepalming:t2: But not for a toy

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Water bottles are always a hit!!! No joke, it’s one of my go-to toys :joy: