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Potty Training

My 6 year old son with Down Syndrome refuses to potty train. We know that he understands it. We read books about it, play games and even show him. We ask him if he wants to use underpants since he is a Big Boy like Elmo (Potty Time with Elmo book) and he will always say “NO” and he says he wants to use diapers.

Any thoughts on why he doesn’t want to Potty Train?

It’s not uncommon AT ALL for kiddos to not want to potty train, especially those who tend to be more routine driven and have a hard time with change. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of prepping him and planting the seed though! There is nothing wrong with you taking the lead and making the decision to start. You can also keep an eye out for my new online course launching this fall for special needs potty training! Follow me on Instagram for updates :slight_smile: