Potty Time in Public!

Hi! Anyone have tips on getting a 5yo to use a toilet in other people’s homes or in public? I have a shy guy who doesn’t like to do so. Thanks! :grin:



My kid too! One time he had a bellyache at School. When the nurse called I knew it was serious because she said he had actually gone potty in school (which meant it had to be that bad) :man_facepalming:

Who’s got tips???

Let’s see if we can get some advice over here!

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Anyone have any tips for these parents?

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Have you ever talked with them about why? Eons ago when I was in grad school we had a child who wouldn’t use the toilet in our preschool program. We made him try one day just like we made everyone else try and he was taking forever. When we checked on him he had on no clothes and didn’t know what to do because his mother always helped him aim, which obviously we couldn’t do. It took a bit to get through that for him but we made a plan to work on a) keeping on his clothes and b) having him aim himself.

I know this was a very specific case but once we knew why he was scared to go by himself we could help him with the issue. Are they scared of germs, are they scared of the noise, etc. it could be so many things

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