Possible ADHD diagnosis/difficulties in school

Hi all! Aside from OT and therapy to help discuss and manage big feelings, is there any other resources for a 4-5 year old with a possible ADHD diagnosis/anxiety/difficulties in school? Thanks!

@Drkarenweiss any guidance here?

Hi Nicole! It’s a bit hard to answer without knowing more of what’s going on. Adhd, anxiety, and other difficulties can be related or not, and can look different for different kids. Can you elaborate about your concern? I’ll do my best to point you in a direction!

Hi Dr. Weiss. Thank you so much for responding. My biggest concern is her ability to function in school, and where most the behaviors occur. She really can’t sit still for more than a few minutes and is very aware/avoidant of things that are difficult for her. As a result there’s a lot of crying in school and refusing to participate. Hope this helps and thank you again.

Have you spoken to her teachers? Do they have a sense of what’s going on? You might also ask the school psychologist if it’s possible for them to go into the classroom to observe her to see what they notice. It sounds like there’s something that’s making it hard for her to participate comfortably and to enjoy herself in school, and it makes sense to try to figure out what’s really going on so that you know how to work with it. If you don’t get anywhere with her teachers or the school psychologist, consider getting her a psychological evaluation by a psychologist who can assess her strengths and weaknesses in terms of processing, attention, learning, and social-emotional skills. If you want to go that route, let me know if you want help finding a referral.

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So sorry I missed this! I’ve been in communication with the teachers but I think it’ll be helpful for everyone to talk. Thank you so much for your help!