Poor core strength and control

Hi, this will be a long post but I will highly appreciate every opinion as I am kind of desperate here.

I am a mom of 19 mo baby girl. When my baby was about 1 month old I noticed that she is literally twisted at the pelvis. Not just curved like a banana but twisted to the right. I also noticed a head tilt to the same side. Long story short we started PT at 3 months after numerous visits with neuro ond ortho - all useless. She is completely fine according to all of them to this date. Only PTs notice that she has a weak core especially on the left lower side which we now think is leading to the twisting and the head tilt. Otherwise she is absolutely fine, very smart, talking way too much, she met all her milestones early but some of them were and still are obviously assymetrical. Her sitting posture is affected, she uses her legs to balance and puts weight mostly on the left butt cheek hence her head tilts to the opposite side. She can sit properly if I tell her to do so. Her walking is affected - left leg turns in while walking and her lower body twists to the right when she starts running. It sounds bad, I should warn you but It’s nothing obvious if you are not watching carefully. However I am afraid that it will impact her walking for life and that she might develop scoliosis. MRI of brain and spine is clear, no hip dysplasia. She does have some minor hand preference (it used to be more prominent) but her fine motor skills are perfect with both hands. So what I am saying is that we have seen a lot of progress but very slowly and with crazy amounts of effort. 5 days of PT a week for almost a year (2-3 times for 5 months before that) and me working with her through the entire awake time. I have turned an entire room into a kids gym with all sorts of PT stuff, ramps, balls, tramp, Pickler, rocker, climbing walls, slides and so on. I am at a point where I no longer see the benefits of going to the PT office. I am doing the same excerxises at home and we are just loosing time in traveling. What my main question is what do you think about compression onesies and shirts? Her PT is against them as they are not popular in my country and she strongly believes that they do more harm then help. She is convinced that her muscles will become even lazier, weaker and dependent on the compression and that my kid doesn’t need it because she doesn’t have severy postural issues, sensory issues and she can perfectly feel her entire body and control her movements if she focus on them. I really need another opinion on this topic as I am at a loss and extremely tired. Thank you for reading and for your help in advance!

@Slaveva , Hey! First of all, I’m not a medical professional, just a mother, and wanted to say that you are doing a great job! I know how hard it could be, not knowing how to help your kid.

Did you share your concerns about your kid progress with your physician? What was her advice, does she has a plan? If you don’t trust her, can you get a second option with another physician?

Also, have you tried swimming in a pool with a professional trainer? I heard it can do miracles for postures! Any swimming, actually.