Please share your experience with Theratog

Hi Everyone. My name is Steven I am PT working mostly with EI population. I have question about Theratog. If anyone had been using it. What are the pros and cons. And where can i find courses/material on how to utilize it and where to get them. Thank you

Hi, we have used TheraTogs off and on for years. We use them a lot therapeutically with our kids that have low tone. The major cons are that it is a lot of strapping and may be challenging for the family to carry over. We tend to use them mostly in the clinic but we have had families get them for use at home. Here is a link to the website where they have held courses and I believe you can buy products.
Courses - Progressive GaitWays, LLC Happy to answer more specific questions if you have them.

Hello Steven, I’m also an EI PT and have used Theratogs when appropriate. Like @Starfishtherapies said, the strapping can be stressful for families and the buy-in is a challenge. They offer a 15 day trial for kiddos free of cost (only shipping charges), which I utilize to see if parents are interested. They also offer an in-service at no cost to groups. I organized one for a group of therapists at my company and it was helpful. You can find more information on training here: Training - TheraTogs
Hope that’s helpful!