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Hi! I have a question about my son who’s almost 2.5. He had early intervention for late walking when he was around 15 months and we stopped when covid started. He walks great but I think I have to start again. On the playground he is very hesitant to walk up steps, can only do it holding on, go down the slide, he will only go with a parent, and has trouble on uneven ground like grass or small hills. On stairs, he goes veryyyy slow and needs to hold a hand. Won’t go up or down a curb without holding hands. Any tips or tricks to help him feel more confident but also work on these skills? Thanks !!!

It sounds like starting back up with EI could be very beneficial so that’s a great idea. In the meantime, we want to try to help him feel more confident by starting with challenges that are more comfortable for him.

Try practicing going up and down a curb outside or up and down the bottom step on your staircase at home. Keeping it simple, but doing several religions throughout the day can help him build strength and gain confidence.

For walking on uneven surfaces, practicing at home by setting up a mini obstacle course with some pillows/couch cushions on the floor to step on can help him practice and improve his balance on unstable surfaces.

Stepping over small obstacles is also great for practicing balance-have hun step over a roll of paper towels, and tin foil box, a package of wipes-really anything you have around the house. If he needs to hold on, try giving the least support possible-possible even just a finger or two to give him a bit of support.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!


Hi, I agree with @tots-allison on reaching out for PT and her ideas for working on confidence and balance. If you’re like me you can just leave your living room a mess so they have to navigate around the toys/items and if people ask why you haven’t picked up you can say it’s because you are helping your child!

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Thanks so much for the advice!!

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Haha thanks !!

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My son was also scared of the slide and we let him just play at the bottom of it and climb up as much as he felt comfortable with. This actually really helped him. good luck!

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