OT beneficial for Sensory Seeker!

My son (3.5yo) is very active. Had a preschool screening and long story short, was referred to the SPED preschool solely due to his short attention span/over-activeness. He’s currently in speech therapy (had a talking delay) and his SLO suggested OT instead of the SPED preschool.
He is very strong willed and doesn’t like to “perform” so when when was doing his screening, the feedback I received was that he “refused” to do anything.
Some of the stuff he “refused” to do were things that he 100% knows. Others, he has no idea, and I let them know that he wasn’t being defiant. He just doesn’t know that concept.
So, what do you all think?
Is OT the way to go and I keep him home with me another year then revisit the preschool idea?
Luckily, he won’t start kindergarten until 2024, so we still have time to make sure he gets enough exposure and socialization before kindergarten rolls around.

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Hi there, thank you so much for this question! This is really hard to say because we don’t know your child. Most kids are natural sensory seekers because the brain is craving feedback from both movement and sensation in order to wire, mature, and develop. With that said, if you feel like your child’s sensory seeking behavior is outside of what you’d expect for a typical 3.5 year old or if he’s engaging in behavior that is unsafe in order to satisfy that need, then I would absolutely reach out to a pediatric therapist. I’m not sure where you’re located, but in my state, you can also request an a child study evaluation and an OT eval through your district and if he’s eligible, they will offer a preschool program and OT services. It may be something to consider. Hope that helps!