One year old not walking

I feel like a failure… My son just turned 1 a week ago and is not walking yet. He walks with assistance and walks along things no problems. Speed crawls and everything but is not yet walking… what am I doing wrong? What can I do to get him to start walking?

Hi! You are not a failure. Your little one is doing exactly what he should be doing! We generally say walking occurs around 12-15 months of age and the CDC just changed it to 15-18 months. The fact that he is cruising is a great sign. Is he attempting to stand without holding on (or picking both hands up while standing at support)? If he is a really great crawler he will just need lots of opportunities to practice walking because in his mind he figures he’s got this movement thing figured out! Once he realizes what he can do with walking he’ll make the switch!

Here is a post I did that shows ways to create opportunities for walking: Login • Instagram

Here is our playlist on youtube with lots of ideas to encourage walking and standing:

If you want something a little more structured we created a 6 week program that will get your little one to walking: Pre-Walker // Gross Motor Programs

Hopefully some of these idea help!