Not meeting 9 month milestones

I have a question regarding pt/ot referral in regards to late crawling. My son is 9.5 months and is only army crawling. He will get up on all fours stationary and will use his knees to help push him along when he is army crawling, but not in true crawling form. His pediatrician at his 9 month appointment had no guidance on this. He is also not pulling up on anything higher than his upseat on the floor, and not cruising along furniture yet.

What steps should I be taking to get him on track? All that his pediatrician said was to do a lot of floor time and she will revisit at his 12 month appointment. When he is awake he’s playing on the floor. If pt/ot, is a referral usually needed? I am not familiar with any of this as this is my first baby. Thank you so much!

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Hi there, welcome! How long has he been army crawling? Has the crawling pattern changed or do you think he seems like he is making progress toward a 4-point position?

He has been army crawling for almost two months now. He is starting to show a little bit of progress towards crawling on his knees where I can see him lift his midsection off of the floor, but not quite bearing weight through his hands.

Hi @Morganwood!! Thanks for joining our community.

It sounds like a PT consult is a great idea. If you are in the US, you can call your state’s Early Intervention program. There’s no need for a pediatrician referral. A PT will come for a free evaluation. If your baby doesn’t qualify, you can still go for private PT- in most states directly without a dr’s referral.

If you need any more guidance, we’re here for you!!