Not interested in rolling over

FTM and my LO is not really interested in rolling over. She can rollover front to back and back to front, but prefers to only lay on her side or back. We’ve tried encouraging by getting on the floor with her and toys that make noise and light up, but she’s not really interested in them.

Is this just normal for some kiddos or is it pointing to an issue?

How many months is she? And when she does she roll is it on purpose or kinda by accident? My oldest was a real chunky monkey and had a harder time moving around so he just hung out and chilled. Not sure if that’s the case with your kiddo.

@laws How old is your little one? Babies usually begin rolling from back to belly around 4 months and from back to belly around 5-6 months or so. Make sure she is getting tons of tummy time and unrestricted, free movement opportunities on the floor. Also, when she’s lying on her back you can move a preferred toy from her line of vision up and out to her periphery. Usually, where the eyes, head and neck turn, the body will follow. This may give her the motivation needed to get moving :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

I feel like I’m echoing everyone else but it would depend on her age. The great thing is that she has the skill!

I’m beginning to think they may have been more accidental, especially tummy to back. She’s just turned 3 months old and is kind of tiny(around the 10th percentile for her height and 15th for weight). But I wonder if being tiny also might her more content to chill.

Hey momma! :wave:t2: If she is 3 months then you are doing awesome putting her on her side. Here, it may not seem like she’s doing much but she is! She’s learning how to coordinate between the muscles on the front and the back of her body to stay here and soon exploring how her body can move back and forth. She’s also learning how to bring her hands together and begin to reach! Let her play with a little rattle then maybe once she seems interested in it place it a little out of reach so she has to extend her arm towards it, generally her body will also lean along with her arm. I’d also incorporate lots of tummy time along with sidelying play. I just did a post on this today! Go check it out if you are interested!

Hi mama! Pediatric PT here. If she’s only 3 months old, then she’s doing great. Promote rolling by doing lots of tummy time, sidelying play and rolling her into and out of tummy time. Also playing with her feet is a great activity. Around 5 months she should start bringing her hands to her knees and then feet which strengthens abdominal muscles and helps progress rolling skills.

I agree with everyone! She is doing great for three months and the fact that you are giving her time on the floor will allow her to develop the skills and strength she needs. Hers is a highlight I have on rolling Rolling highlight and another one on baby skills Baby skills in case they are helpful!

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Hey @laws. I’m completely agreeing with the amazing PTs who have already mentioned some great ideas. Kids consistently roll between 4-6 months of age, so I wouldn’t be worried! I have tried holding their arms overhead and then helped with consecutive rolling in both directions. This has sometimes helped kiddos understand that rolling can serve a purpose. Try gentle 3-4 consecutive rolls while making a funny sound like going weeee. This may motivate her to try it independently when she gets floor or tummy time. I’ll mention again that if she’s only 3 months of age, it’s not really an issue. Good luck!

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