Not getting on all 4s

My baby will be 8.5 months adjusted. He is not getting on all fours at all by himself. Should I be concerned yet? Or continue to work on it and give him some more time? I have seen some improvement lately with side sitting.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. It’s hard to say without knowing the child. Is he able to push up onto extended arms? Are you able to help him get onto all 4’s and will he hold it with some help? That’s great that he is making progress with side sitting! Will he play on his knees at a low height like a stool or diaper box?

He does well on his tummy, supports himself with his arms out stretched. He turns around and around on his belly and scoots backwards, but very minimally will he try his knees. He’s not a big fan of me trying to help him on his knees either. It’s like his hips aren’t ready. He does some play on his knees if placed there but not much. Stands well and is starting to pull to stand once in awhile if in the right position. It’s so hard not to compare as my other son was crawling by now. I’m not overly concerned because I do see slight progression but just thought I’d ask. Thank you :relaxed:

I would work on encouraging playing on the knees! Standing is actually easier for him than kneeling and all 4’s which is why he probably prefers it! Here is a whole youtube playlist we did on crawling and there are a few on encouraging kneeling! Let me know if they help.