Not babbling

I’m a first time mom and I’m worried that my almost 8 month old is so quiet… she blows raspberries and whines and coos but she isn’t babbling and most of the time jsut plays without making any noises. We talk to her all day long and she passed her hearing test and we read everynight. Idk what else to do :frowning:

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Hey there, welcome! I’m going to tag some amazing speech therapists to see if they have some insight and resources to offer :slight_smile: @TinyTalkers @Speechwithjwo @Speechie.Morgan @abg_speechtherapy @Twowayspeech

Hi @Mlynncryer So glad to hear you already went to have hearing tested. Sounds like you are doing a great job of helping your daughter be a successful communicator. For some kids, they respond really well to making “mouth instruments” to help make different sounds, so you can use the raspberries she is making to create some “b” sounds and start applying that to words in the environment. I have some tips on how to do this on Instagram @speechwithjwo or in this article How to Boost Baby’s Speech Sound Development

Hi @Mlynncryer. You are doing great and I second everything @Speechwithjwo mentioned. Continue to follow @tots-mary and @tots-allison for any activities to help build core strength in babies. Developing core muscles is important in establishing strong breath support for speech. Some other activities you can do are:

  1. Sing songs and see if it helps your child vocalize.
  2. Play repetitive fill in the bank games like Peek-a-(boo), ready set_(go), sing songs and vocalize row row row___(boat). The expectation is for the child to vocalize and not say the word yet.
  3. Also get the child moving. What happens in the hips happens in the lips. A young child sometimes needs a lot of movement to get them going.
  4. Play with toys that have environmental sounds like “ooo-eee” for the fire truck or police car, “woof” for the dog, “baaa”- sheep, “ooo” for the train, “uh oh”-blocks fall down. This is a fun way to encourage vocalization while having fun.

If you continue to be concerned contact your pediatrician or a speech-language pathologist.

Good luck,
Janice SLP

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Hi @Mlynncryer,
All of these ideas above are great for babbling! We also have a blog post, “Fun ways to get your baby to start babbling” if you are in need of extra ideas!
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