Normal development?

My son is 24 months and the sweetest little guy. He loves to cuddle, hug and read books. He smiles a lot and has okay eye contact. He shows me objects of interest and LOVES being with other kids (though he doesn’t seem to quite understand person space and will go up to them and smile enthusiastically less than a foot away). He counts up to 20 and is advanced with his drawing and colouring. He is able to understand emotions like sad, and mad and pretend plays tea with his stuffies.

My concerns are that he doesn’t respond to his name consistently, he is a somewhat picky eater, he lines objects up (mostly just cars and trains), his drawing seem to be fairly realistic for his age. He draws 1, 10, 11, 9. And is able to draw a train (a square with wheels and a train track). He is super focused on things and likes to read books over and over again. Sometimes 10 or more times, and then he will remember some of the words the next day. Is this normal development? He also does say 2 word sentences but it most often is red car, pink truck, big bus, and other labels. He does sometimes say “mum up” or “hot fire” or “no banana” but those have only been said a couple of times. I’m thinking of having him assessed but my doctor is a wait and see sort of a doctor so I’m hoping to know how hard I should push for an assessment.

Thank you!

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Any thoughts?

Hi @Bubbiesmummy! It sounds like you have a really sweet boy. You provided a lot of information in your description, and many of the milestones are typical (i.e. combining two words together, engaging in pretend play with stuffed animals) but I am wondering if you have had hearing checked, due to inconsistently responding to name, or if there are certain circumstances when this happens. If your mama gut thinks something else is going on, definitely fight for that evaluation.

I agree… sounds like many things are developing well. Kids often cling to things they like and are good at. They control whatever they can. How does he handle change? Like if you moved a car out of line? With food they often go through phases but if you are seeing a pattern of foods or textures he is always avoiding then I would certainly consider. If ever you feel something “is off” I encourage you to follow your Mom instincts and have him looked at by Early Intervention!

Sometimes I can call his name about 5 times and he won’t respond. Then I will say”look” and he will look about 75% of the time. He always responds when I say “go outside”, “let’s eat” or “want to watch Thomas?” To be fair his dad has selective hearing as well. It’s like he can’t hear me if he is busy working on something or watching tv. My son responds to his name only about 50% of the time. Usually he doesn’t respond more when he is tired or very focused on something really interesting to him.

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If I move a car out of line, he might put it back, he but if he has moved on from that activity he won’t notice. If I move his crayons out of order while he is working with them, he will notice the order has changed and concentrate really hard like he is realizing something is off, but not sure what to do about it. He often will move it back eventually to the way it was before but sometimes he won’t. He never gets upset about the change. He is a very easygoing kid and goes with the flow for the most part. Doesn’t get upset by changes in routine or anything like that. As for the food, it tends to be mostly vegetable he avoids. He might put it in his mouth but will spit it back out. He likes veggies in soup though so maybe I’m just not great at cooking vegetables on their own haha. He is good about trying new foods but will spit out about 50% of new foods I offer him.

It sounds like you are doing all the right things in giving him exposure to foods and different scenarios in play. He doesn’t jump out at me as having red flags if he’s handling change well. Keep up the great job and follow your instincts and watch this page for ideas to keep playtime and mealtime engaging and fun!

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