Night time potty training

My kindergartener (6 yr old) is struggling to get out of pull-ups at night. She’s been potty trained during the day for 2.5 years but had always been a heavy sleeper. We started limiting drinks after dinner and she was dry for a couple of days several months ago, but since then she usually wakes up with a wet pull up.
Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi @Broderic,
I did some research and found this article that has some really interesting information and tips.

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Hi! Bed wetting past age 5 and after a child has been potty trained for a while can be caused by a retained spinal galant reflex. Definitely not always but it is easy to test and there are exercises that can help integrate it if it is retained! Happy to provide more info if you would like!! Hang in there mama! I know it can be a bit frustrating! Let me know and I’m happy to provide more info on the topic!!!


Thank you so much! This was very helpful! I’ve search and read a lot of things but this article broke it down nicely. Thanks!

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We had the same issues with my son and got on Amazon and got him a pee alarm that clips in his underwear at night. For him it was because he was such a hard sleeper and the alarm helped train him to wake up to his body’s cues to use the bathroom. It took a little bit but he did great in a month or two I would say it was. Dry easy was the brand…best of luck!!!

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I will check it out! That’s what I think is happening with my daughter. She can sleep through almost anything. Thank you!

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This is really helpful because my almost 4 year old wakes up with a soaked pull up almost every morning. I had also asked the pediatrician who wasn’t concerned at all, but it’s helpful seeing other parents talking about the same thing.

I actually think my daughter is just too tired to get out of the bed in the morning and knows she’s wearing a pull-up so just pees rather than getting up. Has anyone tried removing the pull-up just to see what happens?