New word, but lost a word

My 16 month old is a late talker, and I was sooo happy she is finally saying Mama, as of 2 weeks ago, along with 6 other words, but yesterday, she stopped saying dada. It seems like she’s replaced Dada, with Mama. So now she calls dad, mama. She uses it 100% appropriately for me though. She calls me from her bed, or when she’s sad. If you ask her where Dada is, she can point to him or go give him something. How can I help her? I don’t want to get too far behind this. Her comprehension is excellent and even my sons speech therapist said she wouldn’t qualify for EI yet.


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Hi @Loons27, if it’s something you just recently noticed and everything else is on track including her comprehension and other words she uses, she’s probably fine-sometimes babies like to practice certain things over and over again and it’s a phase.

Let’s check with some speech therapists to see if they agree and if they have any other suggestions.

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Hi @tots-allison, thanks for tagging me on the this question.

Hi @Loons27, it is not uncommon for your child to start using a word and then to stop using it. This happens especially when your child is learning new words. In order to bring that old word back, model the word and use it several times throughout the day. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you so much for answering!

Oh my goodness, what a relief. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it!

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